If people always say time is the best editor, why won’t we let it do its job?

Juan Valbuena

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Not so fast, dear Author. Even if it is hard to believe, some things cannot be done in a hurry if we want them well done, for example: pregnancy, sleeping, reading… editing and publishing are also among them. Turning a project into a physical object is a shared adventure that requires a slow process of good communication, mutual comprehension and making decisions by consensus. Every person that creates images is lost in their own story, that is the reason why they look for their own shelter, a place where they can be understood. That is the most important task of the Editor: to build up a bridge and mediate between the Author and their potential Buyer.

The starting point

The basic requirements for a first meeting between Author and Editor are mainly three:

1. The set of images is complete and there is a project idea.
2. The set of images is complete but there is not a project idea.…

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