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Boxed in images: networked events and conditions of visuality during the covid-19 pandemic siguiente

Ioanna Zouli

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In the months of the lockdown due to the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we had to negotiate many aspects of our lives and get used to new situations at speed. Throughout this time we also perfected several acts of watching. Watching and reading the news every day to get updates for the development of the pandemic became a habit. Some people watched a great amount of video content in their spare time, from films and series to online fitness classes and YouTube tutorials. Others started observing their surroundings, noticing details that they had barely paid attention to in their pre-pandemic everyday routines. Life itself became something to observe, in a distance, mediated through images, screens, and devices. Although people might have become more attentive to the external environment, and possibly had more time to gaze at nature or to deep-listen to their surroundings, self-isolating at home underlined a momentous lack of access; to spaces, to people, to encounters and ultimately to what used to be normal.…

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