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The pandemic image

Jon Uriarte

Urgent analysis of the role of the networked image during the Covid-19 pandemic

While we have not yet grasped the scope of the pandemic and its economic, social and environmental impact, we do know that everyone is vulnerable to its effects. A shared worldwide vulnerability that has brought a sense of collectiveness while also exposing the inequalities in which our world and capitalism, the system that rules it, is rooted.[^1] The designation of some of the lowest-paid as key workers, or the health imbalance that put Black and other racial minorities at an increased risk of getting sick and dying from the virus, unveil the discriminative nature of the economic system in which we live in. 

Both the fear of a capitalist acceleration and the hope for a new process of world repair and revival have emerged simultaneously during the lockdown in the first half of 2020. An exceptional time in which restrictions on physical interaction have forced professional and personal relationships into the online space.…

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